On Thursday, as I walked to the little refrigerator in our office to grab a soda, Holly, who was with Hapy and Carey going over new products, asked me if I’d write a review of Notebook. She knew that I’m one of the few people here who use it regularly, since I’m always saying how much I like it. So, here goes!

Originally, I used the Notebook 2.0 just as a basic note taking app, and to use as a phone log. The interface is designed as, obviously, a notebook. It’s easily customizable to suit individual taste, as a spiral, pad, or perfect notebook. But the more I worked with it, the more uses I found for it. Pages can be set up as text (in no particular format), outlines, or just plain lists. I communicate with a number of Small Dog’s vendors, customers and, of course, all of Small Dog’s employees. Notebook allows me to attach files (i.e. Excel, Word, photos, graphs, audio notes etc.) in their original format and relate them to conversations or projects right on the page with my notes. Having the ability to have weblinks, photos, and Address Book cards on the pages are also all great time saving features. Aside from the drag and drop method of adding images, Notebook also allows direct loading from digital cameras and scanners. And if you forget where you’ve put any particular file, it has a great Super-Find feature, similar to Tiger’s Spotlight, which allows you to find files by text, keywords or date created, among a few others.

The number of uses this software has are innumerable. It’s simple to use, easy to customize and is loaded with features to make organizing large projects stress free, and even fun.

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