People know we sell Macs, but are often surprised we run our business on them as well. If you walked around Small Dog, you would see G3 iBooks keeping inventory in the warehouse, G4 iMacs serving as cash registers in the showroom, 20” G5 iMacs handling accounting, G5 Powermacs handing web and print design, and a mix of G5 Powermacs and G5 iMacs working hard in sales. The website, accounting systems, database, and file-sharing is handled by a series of G4 and G5 Xserves. We have an XRAID that keeps everything backed up.

All told, SDE has about 50 computers running the business at any time.

We do have 3 Windows-based machines in operation; for UPS, for DHL, and one that handles our phone system. I work on a dual 1.8 GHz G5 and 22” Apple display.

This is Mac-based company. I’ll blog more about this in the future!


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