Unfortunately, I’ve been out sick and haven’t been able to keep up with the Windows XP on Intel Macs thing as much as I’d like (as in, I haven’t gotten to try Boot Camp again).

In my absence, Jon (in our Tech Dept.) took over the troubleshooting the inability to update the firmware on our Mac mini Core Duo. Turns out the folks over at TUAW ran into the same problem and came up with the same solution: just reformat the whole drive and you’ll be all set. It’s a pain though.

John Gruber has an excellent piece regarding the implications of Windows XP on Mac hardware in ‘Windows: The New Classic’. A must read.

Cabel Sasser (of Panic fame) plays Half Life 2 on their Intel iMac and game developers discuss Boot Camp.

Engadget has a roundup of their own and TUAW argues that Apple should offer Macs with OS X and Windows for businesses (something we’ll be discussing here in the future).

Did I miss anything?


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