I have been enamored with iWork since Keynote first came out. Keynote was so superior to Powerpoint, that I’ve stuck with it ever since I first used it in a presentation. I was in a group of 4 speakers (others all on Windows laptops running Powerpoint) and my presentation was so beautiful compared to the others. I have been hooked ever since!

What I really like about using Pages and Keynote that if I need something quick, that looks great and not like I rushed, I just choose an appropriate template. In the time that it takes me to type “A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” I have a finished document.

There are several web sites that iWork users will find handy. The first is the iWork Users Group . The other two that I’ll mention here are sites that have additional templates available. iWorkCommunity is a template exchange site and KeynotePro has both free and paid templates.

iWork continues to be one of the best software values on the market – two applications for $79.


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