Small Dog has recently started carrying comic books on CD-ROM and DVD. So far, only Marvel titles are available. This software has been very popular. The origins of the major characters, such as Spider Man, Captain America, the Silver Surfer and Iron Man are really entertaining. I decided to see if I could describe Small Dog Employees as if they inhabited the Marvel universe:

Volunteering for a scientific experiment, the once frail Rob Amon was miraculously transformed into a physically superior specimen: an “American Super Soldier.” Having bravely fought the Nazis he suffered a freak accident. Upon recovery he stormed our present time fighting the evils of lousy pizza.

Severely wounded by shrapnel while testing new combat armor, billionaire industrialist and inventor Jamie Service survives inside a high-tech shell as Iron Man. He uses his enhanced strength and flying powers to battle spies, threats to international security, and the Yankees.

Fueled by stress and anger, the amazing transformation of Hapy Mayer into the Hulk leaves him a bulging mass of green fury. This CFO has become the most powerful, destruction-bent creature in Duxbury.

Genetically gifted, Mark Jones possess superior accounting talents and skills. Some mutants believe IRS audits are inevitable, others feel they should serve and protect auditors and humans alike.

Offering to protect his peaceful wintery planet from the energy-devouring Galactus, young Tony Amenta becomes the invader’s herald, seeking out snowmobile trails on which he can ride. Cruising the universe courtesy of the vast cosmic powers in the Skidoo granted by his mentor, young Amenta uses his amazing strength and light-speed on exile in the summer.

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