Finally Apple has released the MacBook which is the notebook Apple is going to replace the iBook with. As rumored it comes in both BLACK AND WHITE!! It comes with the Intel Core Duo chip in either a 1.83GHz or a 2.0GHz flavor, WiFi (802.11g), Bluetooth 2.0, upto a 120GB hard drive, 13.3” LCD screen, Mini-DVI out, Gigabit ethernet port, 512MBs of RAM (2×256MBs, maximum of 2GBs) and support for spanning or mirroring for displays. It also uses the same MagSafe Power Adapter that the MacBook Pro uses. It has 1 Firewire 400 and 2 USB 2.0 ports for connecting external hard drives and other external devices. For optical drives it comes with a combo drive (reads – DVDs and CDs and can burn CDs) or you can upgrade to the SuperDrive which can not only burn CDs but DVDs also. All the models have a built-in iSight camera!

The MacBook also comes with Mac OS X Tiger, iLife 06’, and FrontRow.

It appears as if the black version is only available as a 2.0GHz.

This is the machine I’ve been waiting for from Apple! I don’t really think I need the full power from the MacBook Pro. I have and use an iBook G4 and it’s great for what I do, blogging, surfing the web, chatting with friends and watching movies. The MacBook is a great update to this and will allow me to continue using the newer blogging, podcasting, and other media technologies. It will enhance my web surfing abilities and keep up with todays technology standards! This is a wonderful gift from Apple!

Update: You can now place an order for a MacBook on the Small Dog website!!

MacBook 1.83GHz Intel 512/60/combo/AP/BT white
MacBook 2.0GHz Intel 512/60/SD/AP/BT white
MacBook 2.0GHz Intel 512/80/SD/AP/BT Black


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