I’ve been using my .Mac account more then ever the past few weeks, especially since Apple updated iWeb to version 1.1, and improved the online access to .Mac’s iDisk. I even hosted a podcast out of my .Mac account. So, I began to wonder what my .Mac’s bandwidth limits are. Then I found this article in Apple’s .Mac blog:

“The .Mac bandwidth data transfer limit is currently set at 10 GB per month, and if you’re like most .Mac members, you still have plenty of data-transfer headroom in your account — even if you’ve started experimenting with higher-bandwidth activities like audio podcasting. If you start showing signs of going over your limit for the month, you’ll receive email alerts with suggestions for how to be bandwidth efficient. We’ve added a “Details” link to your account page where you can check your current data transfer status.
And what if your bandwidth usage balloons because your podcast gets you famous? You can boost your .Mac account to 4 GB of storage and a very large 250 GB per month of data transfer bandwidth by purchasing an account upgrade. Fame has its costs but this has to be one of the cheapest you’re likely to encounter.”

That’s true – the $99 year subscription to .Mac offer a very substantial amount of bandwidth!


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