Last weekend I read an article that combined two of my favorite things – the Red Sox and the iPod. The article details how ball players use the iPod to relax and visualize their game. Some players are beginning to use the iPod video to watch their highlight reels, but most seem to feel the screen is too small to be an effective training tool.

David Ortiz, my favorite player, owns five iPods. He uses the iPod video to listen to music and watch music videos, but not to watch his game. He prefers to use a laptop to watch his highlight reel.

Another surprising detail: David Ortiz keeps his iPod in a Louis Vuitton “shoulder bag.” My Grandmother also has a Louis Vuitton “shoulder bag,” but we call it as purse. I guess when you are a giant, hulking, all-star slugger you can get away with it!

Read the entire article here.


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