Two of my favorite programs are finally Universal Binaries. Google Earth and TechTool Pro are going to or are already in a Universal Binary format.

Google Earth is the one that is actually in a Universal Binary as of this writing. New features to this update include Sketch-Up integration, embedded client, localization, terrain quality settings, full screen mode and more. You can download Google Earth for free.

The second program TechTool Pro will move to version 4.5 and will also become a Universal Binary this July. Although there aren’t any new features, the ability to run TechTool on the new Intel Macs will be added along with some under-the-hood fixes. An exact date for release doesn’t seem to be set, other then sometime in July. You can visit Micromats website for more information.

If there’s one tool I like to have in my ‘fix-it’ kit it’s TechTool. When your hard drives seem to be dead techTool can usually resurrect them in order to pull off important data. techTool also comes with a wide variety of diagnostic tests and little disk repairing modes.

[Source TUAW]

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