I am not sure how this one slipped by me, but Google has a new extension for FireFox that allows a user to sync many of their web browsers settings across multiple computers.

So far you can syncronize bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords. As an everyday Mozilla FireFox user and as someone who uses multiple computers, this extension is something like a holy grail!

Two features I really enjoy from this extension is the abilty to sync bookmarks and the abilty to restore windows and tabs incase FireFox should crash or if I want to have the exact same websites open when I move to another computer. Currently I use the FoxMarks extension to sync my bookmarks which is all I really need, but I will see how I like the Google Browser Sync extension.

Google Browser Sync is still in the Google Labs section so it’s still in a testing form. As noted on the site you will notice some delay between the time you click the icon to open FireFox and when it actually appears on the screen. This is because the extention is checking and downloading your previous saved information so that it can sync.

You can get more information about the new Google Browser Sync extension here and since Mozilla FireFox works on just about every operating system you can sync your stuff between Windows, Linux, Mac and more!!


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