Acronis Parallels Desktop for Mac is finally out of beta, and has been released in it’s final form. Parallels Desktop for Mac allows you to run OS X and Windows simultaneously on any Intel-powered Mac. This is different than Apple’s Boot Camp, which forces you to log out of OS X and log into XP, and vice versa. Parallels is great for the dedicated Mac user who occasionally needs to run some Microsoft-only application.

At this point, Boot Camp offers faster dedicated XP or OS X performance then Parallels, especially for extremely intensive applications, such as gaming. However, Parallels is more convenient, and works well. And, it’s only $49. You will need a copy of XP Home or XP Pro to install on your computer along with the Parallels software. When I get my black MacBook, I’ll also install Parallels and XP Home. Of course, I hope I never have to use XP – but it will be great to have the option!

Check it out here.


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