As a kid I was always playing with LEGO’s and building giant worlds. The only thing that restricted me was the amount of LEGO blocks that I actually owned and my imagination.

I loved to followed the provided instructions and built what was featured on the box, but I also enjoyed ‘wingin’ it’. I would build castles and cars from ideas inside my head and boy was that fun!

LEGO has now put together an application called Digital Designer which lets people create anything on their computer. The program is for both Windows and Mac which is really nice, usually programmers only make their applications (especially ones like this) for the Windows users.

When you’ve completed your new castle, car or whatever, you can submit it to LEGO for purchasing! They will then ship you the blocks needed to build your creation or it will let you make a print out of the needed blocks which you can take to a LEGO Themepark or the LEGO store!!

While running this application on my PowerMac G4 Dual 1.25GHz it did take awhile to load up. There are SO many bricks (well over 150 bricks) and the building environment is all in 3D.

I’ve only played with this for a little, I didn’t want my boss catching me making entire worlds out of LEGOs, but it was sure fun and got my imagination working! The other nice thing about this is that the new version works for he newer Intel Macs.

I built a small little, roof-less house with one LEGO guy and a couple trees and it was about $13.

You can read a little bit more about this new version here and along with a link to download it!


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