One of my all time favorite games has recieved another update! This new version 1.11 includes a couple new features although there is one feature that did upset a lot of people. First here’s the list of updates:

– The Looking For Group channel is now global.
– Escape Artist now displays a message in the combat log when it fails.
– PvP: Significant changes to the battleground Deserter debuff. The debuff should no longer be applied to characters incorrectly.
– Druid: The Omen of Clarity talent now lasts ten minutes. The tooltip does not yet correctly reflect the new longer duration, and will be updated in a future patch.
– Mage: Evocation: Cool down reduced to eight minutes; Pyroblast: Cool down removed.
– Shaman: Frostbrand and Flametongue weapon buffs are benefited by +spell damage.
– Many more enhancements.

The first item on the list is the big issue that didn’t make many people happy. While it sounds like a really cool idea to be able to talk to anyone else on the server, it’s not. Imagine thousands of people talking at once, it can getting really annoying and confusing. I am hoping that Blizzard will fix that issue.

You can download this update by firing up World of WarCraft and it will auto-update itself or you can download it right here!


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