I just read on CNN.com the latest report from the Surgeon General which says that “there is no risk-free level of exposure to someone else’s drifting smoke.”

As a child of former smoking parents, this statement concerns me. I can remember being in my father’s car during the winter with the haze of white smoke looming in the car. I can also remember cracking the window open about an inch trying to get some fresh air. Whenever my sister & I returned from spending time at my father’s (my parents are divorced), the first thing we’d do upon getting home is to take a shower and change our clothes.

While what’s done is done in my childhood of being exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke, but I appreciate Don & Hapy’s decision to make Small Dog Electronics a smoke-free work environment. They’re not shy about this either. From the beginning, their job ads have always included the statement “Small Dog Electronics is a non-smoking environment – smokers need not apply.” I’ve known a few people that had an interest in applying at Small Dog but where completely put off by this!

I asked Don what made them decide to be so adamant on this policy, which is I believe one of the only policies at Small Dog!

In my experience, I’ve found that smokers are sick more, take more time off and aren’t as focused in their job, and even when they’re not smoking, the smoke is already on their clothes and it smells bad. Small Dog will always be committed to providing a healthy work place for all. Smoking related illnesses increases the cost of health insurance. We’ll help an employee quit smoking with smoking cessation programs. We even offered a bonus to an employee as an incentive to quit.

Not only does Don enforce a non-smoking policy inside Small Dog buildings, but he also enforces this outside our buildings. I for one, appreciate not having to walk in or out of the buildings and hold my breath because someone is puffing away.

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