We’re barely past the fourth of July, and parents, teachers, and students are already planning their back-to-school tech purchases. I was glad to see a report in Investor’s Business Daily about “a big jump in consumer interest in buying Apple’s Macintosh computers, especially desktop models.” Dell is still number one, and Apple tied with Hewlett-Packard for the No. 2 brand overall.

Now, I have a very hard time believing 11% of the people polled actually want to buy an HP computer; that’s like someone saying they’d prefer a raw potato to hot and crispy tater tots. Still, this poll reveals significant gains for Apple.

The report reads “Among those saying it’s likely they’ll buy a new desktop PC in the next six months, Apple was the No. 2 preferred brand, with 16%. That’s the highest number for Apple since TechnoMetrica began collecting purchase-intent data more than two years ago. In May, 6% of likely desktop PC buyers said they would choose Apple.”

Click here to read the report. I discovered this report from TUAW. I love TUAW; click here to read it!


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