For the longest time, I hated working with my banking stuff and figuring everything out. Since then I’ve met and started dating a bank teller, so now I can get her to do my money stuff and make sure everything is correct (don’t worry she loves this stuff…).

Today while randomly browsing the Apple download web site I found this application called iBank. It’s basically a digital checkbook and then some.

First I input my start balances for various accounts bank accounts I have. From there I created new transactions. There are at least 10 different types ranging from check, charge, ATM, withdrawl to deposit and more. So far I’ve already has two withdrawls since this afternoon, so I plugged those right in and iBank changes my balance and everything for me!!

One really neat feature I liked was that I could import already existing transactions from my bank accounts website and from PayPal into iBank very quickly and easily. This feature depends on whether or not your bank lets you download your transaction history.

iBank even creates graphs and charts for a visual representation of what you’re doing with your money. My pie chart shows 100% food, although I am sure that will change shortly!

iBank is one of the best, easiest to use, and I hate to say this one, but fun applications to use in Mac OS X. It really compliments OS X in that it’s a wonderful and easy to use program and integrates well with existing files.

You can download a free trial from the developers website and while you’re there I highly recommend checking out other programs they have created. I know iBiz sure looks good and I’ll probably have another blog post about that in the near future!


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