Apple has finally unveiled a bluetooth version of it’s Mighty Mouse. When the original, wired Mighty Mouse was released last year, I was underwhelmed. I remember a reviewer wrote “now excrement comes in white.” However, I’ve been using the Mighty Mouse for the past two months, and I really like it – I find it works well for my Fireworks MX, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and InDesign needs. I love the diagonal and horizontal tracking capabilities of the Mighty Mouse – this capability makes up for the oddly tiny scroll wheel.

The bluetooth Mighty Mouse offers features not found in other bluetooth mice, and costs $69.00, which is definitely in the ballpark of other bluetooth mice. Most other bluetooth mice cost $59 and up.

Some neato bluetooth Mighty Mouse features: it uses one or two AA batteries (your choice, and we recommend using rechargeable AA batteries), 360-degree Scroll Ball with adjustable scrolling, four programmable buttons, extremely accurate laser tracking (instead of standard optical tracking,) and, importantly, the Mighty Mouse has a little door that covers the laser for traveling. The bluetooth Mighty Mouse is compatible with Mac OS X v10.4.6 or later.

I occasionally use a $39 Macally bluetooth mouse with my Powerbook. See this here. However, I’m likely to upgrade to the bluetooth Mighty Mouse.

Read more about the bluetooth Mighty Mouse by clicking here.

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