Last Friday the hard drive on my workstation died. You never really think about this happening until it does, or what it means doesn’t really hit you until you’re faced with having to re-create everything you need to do your job. We have a good back-up system at Small Dog but it’s only as good as the individual user. Needless to say I hadn’t been very dedicated to backing up lately. As it all starting sinking in I began thinking about my home computer (G4 PowerBook). I had NEVER backed it up. I decided I didn’t want to take anymore chances or put off buying an external drive another day.

The only name I trust implicitly for storage is LaCie. Their products are of the utmost quality and the support from the company is top-notch. I decided on this particular model because I liked the triple interface. With the model PowerBook I own I use the 400 Firewire interface, but I plan on buying an iMac in September and will use the faster interfaces for backing up that computer.

The drive itself is decently compact and when you don’t have a lot of physical space but want a fair amount of data space this drive works great. You can stand it up on lay it on its side.

It comes with it’s own backup software applications. I used the 1-Click and yes, it’s as simple as 1-click. Direct it to what you want backed up and click away!

If you’re looking for a reliable, hard-working external hard drive make sure you look at the LaCie products first! I recommend them highly.

PS. The only things I lost on my hard drive that have been the hardest for me to accept their gone is my email and latest contacts in my Address Book. Don’t forget to back those up too!


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