by Art Hendrickson

From time to time we get inquiries on why the Function Row Keys don’t function as one would expect at first glance.

I wanted to clarify what to expect when setting up one’s function keys and point to the Apple Knowledge Base document regarding the use of function keys on portables.

Here is that link now:

For the most part, people are interested in either adjusting volume or toggling the Expose feature of the OS.

The modifier key is set to the “FN” key on the bottom left portion of the keyboard, and it must be pressed to use the alternate or second function of the Function Row keys.

One of our customers, Kirven Blount indicated that it was just easier to set a corner of the screen to engage Expose, rather than worrying about holding a modifier key.

Keyboard shortcuts are not usually something people think of when using the computer, as we are almost always trained now to use the mouse/trackpad as the input device.

Using the info provided in the Apple Knowledge Base document linked above should at least show where to make the fine tune adjustments in how one takes advantage of the Function Row keys.

Written by Art Hendrickson


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