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For many of the tech calls fielded here by our capable support staff, re-installing the operating system software becomes a necessary step in troubleshooting an issue.

For those who feel uncomfortable in performing this procedure on their own, Apple provides a thorough list of instructions and tips on their Tiger Support Page to help with those types of questions.

You can link to the Apple Tiger Support page by clicking here:


The hot topics listed are; Installation (Before, During and After), Connecting to the Internet, Using Mac OS X Mail, Printing and Faxing, Accounts and Passwords, Connecting to Networks and Sharing Files, as well as Mac 101 for anyone completely new to computers.

There are also hot links to the Apple Discussion Forums for all the common categories.

For many who purchase computers, the toll free tech support line isn’t always a viable option. For the record, Apple’s toll free tech support phone number is 800-275-2273. Your new computer purchase comes with 90 days of free tech support from Apple. Tech support is free for a full three years if you buy Applecare Warranty Extension Plan for your computer.

Apple’s website provides the info necessary to get through 99% of the problems people experience when buying and using a new computer. One just has to know where to find the resources.

We hope this Tech Tails Blog entry helps!!

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