One of the great things about working at Small Dog Electronics is the focus the organization puts on giving back to the community. In fact community service is so encouraged that it is a job requirement to take one paid day each year and volunteer.

Last Friday I embraced the opportunity and volunteered to work at a bake sale in Morristown VT. The bake sale was to raise money for my daughters co-op nursery school called Stowe Co-op. I showed up at 9am in the pouring rain and was ‘on’ until 4pm which is about when the rain stopped. Soaking wet and freezing cold all day I could never dream about complaining as I just kept thinking about nice it was to help out in the community and assist in raising money to buy new educational toys for all the boys and girls of the school.

We sold far more than brownies and cookies and I had to challenge myself to learn how to operate a popcorn machine and industrial size coffee maker. After making coffee too weak and then too strong and then not hot enough I finally nailed it. Popcorn was a bit better but there certainly were a couple early batches of, let’s just say, overdone popcorn. All in all we raised well over $1000 and many children of the community will reap the benefits.

Well just wanted to share my experience and thank Small Dog for the opportunity to assist in the community.

I hope that everyone who reads takes the opportunity to help out in some way in their communities over the next few weeks.


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