There have been a couple articles floating around the web talking about how Apple might be entering the video gaming market. Jesse Tortora, a Prudential analyst says this is evidenced by Apples hiring of game designers.

Here’s what I think. Apple’s really going to have to come out with something that is out of this world and extremely unique. Current on the market game consoles do just about everything you would want and even a little bit more. Major game developers are already developing their games for widely distributed consoles. If Apple manages to score some exclusive content from popular franchises then they might have a chance.

I really think this is a rumor. There’s no point in Apple coming into the game console market. We already have 3 major consoles, possibly 2 if Sony doesn’t get their act together. Apple is good at making computer products, and so they should stay in that market.

We know that Apple is making a product that adds additional functionally to some of their already existing product (the iTV). That’s a great way to go for Apple. They’re not stepping into an entirely new marketplace, they’re just expanding functionality of their existing products.

I do think that if Apple manages to make this video game console and get popular developers on board it could possibly push Sony off the board although unlikely because Sony has some great developers making titles for their consoles. Apple would have a leg up on the market especially if they let it integrate with their iLife software and the iPod.

If there’s one thing Apple should do with video games it’s getting all the Windows game developers to work on games for the Mac OS X system. It would make for another reason of why you should switch to OS X from Windows.


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