While checking my email the other day on my Powerbook G3, I noticed it was running very slow, so I decided to run a unknown maintenance feature in Mac OS X. It is a terminal command that will make your computer run faster and is very easy to do. Simply open Terminal and type:

sudo /etc/daily

You will be asked for an Admin Password. Ff there is one type, it in and press enter.

It will know remove the scratch and junk files from the system

When that completes type:

sudo /etc/weekly

Type password again. When that completes type this:

sudo /etc/monthly

Again it will ask for a password.

When that finishes, you have successfully cleaned up the system. There is a software program that will do this and much more called OnyX. It’s a freeware program that has amazing cleaning and hidden features to get the most of Tiger.
To Download this program from Titanium Software go to:



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