If you’re running low on disk space or just want to slim down the sizes of some applications on your computer then this tip might prove useful!

While reading an Ars technica article I found that you can remove languages from individual applications. As an example they use iPhoto. Do note that you will need to be logged in as an administrator to accomplish this. Right click on iPhoto.app (which should be located in your Applications folder) and select Get Info from the menu that pops up.

You’ll probably have to click the little arrow next to languages to get them to show. You’ll notice that in the above screen shot my add/remove buttons are grayed out, but that’s because I am not logged in as an administrative user. You can click on languages you don’t want and hit the remove button. This seems to work with a lot of Apple applications but it seems to work with a bunch of third party applications (Adium, PSPWare, CandyBar to name a few).


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