I don’t usually tend to buy cases, or covers or extras with my computers, mostly because I go through them so quickly that the accessories become useless after a few months. After hearing about people spilling soda and other liquids on their MacBooks I thought it would be a good idea to at least get a keyboard cover for it. I had never used a keyboard over before but it looked like they would just slip over your keys and that would be that.

The first keyboard cover I purchased was an iSkin Artic White. I thought it wasn’t really going to be clear so when I found out that it was, wasn’t to happy. I didn’t really like the way it looked. It didn’t fit over the keys that well, nor did it stick to them good enough. It would slip sometimes and I found it hard to type when the cover was in place. I used it for a couple days and gave up. I also found that it seemed to collect dust and other articles really easily, which you would probably think you be a good thing, except because it kept slipping around a lot of the dust and stuff went under the cover and into the keyboard.

A few weeks later we took on another product here called KB Covers. Fortunately we carried one that was white (I just thought this might look semi-cool with a black MacBook). The feel of the cover was just a lot better then the iSkin product. It also fits over the keys a lot better and doesn’t slide around. I did notice that it still takes some getting used to having something over the keys but it’s not that bad at all. There are several spots in the cover where it’s not completely sticking to a key or two so it feels a little weird. Overall I am much more impressed with this keyboard cover over the iSkin version.

KB Covers offers lots of different keyboard covers, they have versions for full size keyboards, MacBooks, powerBooks, etc…They also have versions for Final Cut and Photoshop and other popular media applications.


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