Apple announced the iPod touch today, and it looks hot. Kind of like something we’ve seen before… Well, it seems like the heart and soul of the iPhone, sans phone.

It boasts a touch screen that functions in the same way as the iPhone, and a beautiful (well, it looks that way on our computer screen!) 3.5” widescreen display. One can only assume that it’s the same glass screen used for the iPhone; we’ll keep you posted.

The touch screen needs no stylus, of course, and it uses the sliding lock function of the iPhone, and same interface. Cover Flow, the eye candy album art feature, is there, as well as WiFi built right in.

You’ll be able to browse the web using Safari, check your iCal events, flip through your contacts in Address Book, download content from the new iTunes WiFi Music Store, use YouTube, and of course, listen to your music using the iPod touch.

There are two models of the flash-based iPod touch:
8GB: $299.99
16GB: $399.99

(In other news, it looks like the 4GB iPhone has been quietly discontinued…)

More to come, of course!


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