Take notes, use personalized stationery within your emails and create to-do lists.

Ah! I bet you can guess why I would love this feature. I enjoy being organized (or at least trying to be), and of course, I love to personalize my space. With the new version of Apple Mail, my inbox is headed for a “form and function” makeover: there will be a way to create a signature look to my email messages (I’m looking forward to adding some “oomph” to my Small Dog correspondence), and with built-in Stickies, I’ll stay more organized than ever!

To top it off, Apple has improved the searchability of Mail with a better index ranking in Spotlight. I already love the included search feature, so adding more search features to Spotlight will be fantastic. You’ll be able to see the content of your emails, your notes, and to-do’s. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to search the content of an email… pair that with a new RSS feed component (wherein you can subscribe to feeds and choose to have articles appear in your email, etc.), and that may solidify your inbox as the most important source of information on your computer.

See more features here.


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