We’ve been covering the client version of Leopard a lot. How about the server version though?

It includes lots of new features like the iCal Server, the Wiki Server, Podcast Producer, Spotlight Server and updates to existing server applications! It’s really going to a welcomed update!

Apple is not only offering the Up-to-Date program for client copies of Leopard but also they’re offering it for OS X Server and people who have purchased Xserves since October 1st, 2007.

Head over to the Apple Leopard Up-To-Date web page and fill out the form and get it sent in!

Something that puzzled me was that if you purchased an Xserve with OS X Tiger Server 10-client you could now get the Unlimited client license with the up-to-date program. Sounds like a really great deal to me, but maybe I missed something in the fine-print dealing with that.


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