After waiting for what seemed months, we finally got some of the new wireless keyboards from Apple in stock. When I saw images of this keyboard on Apple’s website, it looked small; after seeing it in real life, it’s true that it really is quite small. It’s probably no bigger than the keyboard on the MacBooks. It weighs almost nothing too.

While a lot of people were complaining about it not having a number pad, that didn’t really bother me; I barely (if at all) use the number pad. Unfortunately I didn’t think about any of the other keys that I use above the number pad like F13-F16, so when I wanted to use Expose or Spaces it got really hard.

I have the normal new keyboard from Apple and I’ve pretty much gotten used to how they have the dashboard, expose, and iTunes keys now. I’ve created special bindings for the Expose keys (F13-F15) and I use F16 to show Spaces. Unfortunately the new wireless keyboard is missing all those keys so I have no way of really accessing any of those functions with the keyboard itself.

I really do enjoy the small size of this keyboard, but I don’t think I can really find a practical use for it. I guess if I had a wireless mouse to go along with it, it’d be great for traveling, but because of it’s lack of F keys, I really have no use for this keyboard as an every day use keyboard. I might be able to find a use for it on my Mac mini media center though…


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