In the ever present quest for Mac knowledge, many Small Dog customers have been looking to books, classes and even Small Dog consultants for help. Thanks to a very informative customer by the name of Jeff Marcotte, we have discovered yet another fantastic way to further your Mac knowledge. It comes in the form of tutorial website which uses the amazing podcast technology built into iTunes to broadcast video tutorials.

Screen Cast Online is a fantastic online resource for a multitude of Mac-based video tutorials that you can watch and learn with right through your iTunes library. By accessing the Free Shows tab in the right menu, iTunes will automatically open up to the Screen Cast section and give you a large list of video tutorials that you can download to your podcast list.

From there, you can view them just like you would a TV show that you download from the iTunes Store. Additionally, if you sign up for a paid membership you can get all your tutorials with bonus footage in High Definition quality. Since they are all stored in iTunes, you also have the ability schedule your computer to download the tutorials automatically.

So if you would like to learn more about your Mac, there are now four very helpful ways to do this:
1) Purchase a instructional book
2) Sign up for one of Small Dog Electronics’ Mac based classes
3) Sign up for a in-store or at home consultant
and now,
4) Log on to and look for video tutorials that suit your needs.


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