This past weekend my buddy purchased some software (Connect360) to let his Mac share music, movies and photos to his Xbox 360.

Unfortunately he couldn’t get it to work and I had no idea what was going on in his computer. I attempted to troubleshoot the issue but without being able to see what was happening on his computer I wasn’t of much help. Usually at that point I just give up and make people bring their computers to me, but then I remembered about the screen sharing feature that comes built-in to iChat on OS X Leopard.

After requesting to view my friends screen and him accepting the request, my screen “flipped” and his screen was displayed. After looking around for a few minutes I quickly realized he had an older version of the software that didn’t support H.264/DiVX/XViD content. We quickly upgraded and the issue was resolved.

Apple has really done well with this feature. It worked right away for me and my friend and required ZERO configuration. I just love these features that make up OS X. It sure puts it light years ahead of Windows!

I know Don also uses this feature to help out his Mom and I am sure I’ll be using it to help more friends and family out.


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