Today’s a huge day for the 2008 elections. If your state is one included today, this is just a reminder to exercise your right to vote!

There are a total of twenty four states that will hold either Democratic or Republican (or both) primaries and caucuses today.

Wikipedia states that the phrase Super Tuesday has been used to refer to presidential primary elections “since at least 1984,” and it’s largely viewed as the “busiest day of presidential nominating contests.”

Here’s a handy list of ten things to keep in mind about Super Tuesday from John Nichols, in an article for The Nation. To read the whole article, including details about his ten tips for “sorting fact from fiction,” click here.

1. Remember what the expectations were going into today’s voting.
2. Delegates matter.
3. The Democratic and Republican races are different.
4. The big story may not be who wins but who lives to fight another day.
5. Remember that results from relatively low-turnout caucuses tend to measure the sentiments of the party faithful.
6. Some states are more equal – or, at least more meaningful – than others.
7. Super Tuesday will tell us whether the candidates are popular with the people who know them best.
8. Keep an eye on who wins the “live” voting on Super Tuesday.
9. Do endorsements matter?
10. Dig deeper.

Take part in your election! I always say that if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about the current state of affairs. Go out and stump for your favorite contender!

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