By Matt,

We all know that you can select text, and use the mouse to drag the selected text to the desktop (to make a clipping), from one document to another, or within a document. There is more to dragging and dropping:

  • If you keep Dictionary in your dock, you can select a word and drag it onto the Dictionary icon for a definition.
  • Drag any amount of selected text to the Mail icon, and Mail will pop open a new message with that text inserted.
  • Select any text, drag it to Safari, and Safari will search Google for the selected text.
  • Create instant bookmarks in Safari by dragging a link into your Bookmarks bar.
  • Create an instant shortcut to a webpage in Safari by highlighting the URL (address) and dragging the text to your Mac’s desktop. This creates a link on your desktop – double click it and Safari will bring you directly to the webpage.
  • Save an image from the internet by dragging it out of Safari and dropping it on your Mac’s Desktop.
  • Select any text, drag it to Stickies, and you’ll have a new Sticky with the selected text.
    – Select any text and drag it to Font Book, and it will create a library with the selected font.

  • If you drag selected text while holding the Option key, it will be copied where you drop it – not moved.
  • Drag and drop CD/DVD burning. Pop a blank CD or DVD into your optical drive. Drag files onto the CD or DVD’s icon. Drag it to the trash and you’ll be asked if you want to burn the disk or simply eject it. You’ll also have the opportunity to name the disc.
  • Bonus points: Drag and drop through the Command-Tab application switcher. Select the text you wish to drag, and press Command-Tab to view the switcher. Tab over to TextEdit, Safari, Mail, etc, (still holding down the mouse key). Release Command-Tab when your chosen app is selected, the app will move to the front. Drop your selected text into the chosen application.

By Matt,


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