For those of you out there who have what is supposed to be a white Apple keyboard (i.e. a keyboard that now appears to be more of a dirty beige color), this post is for you.

Many people end up buying a new keyboard when the old one gets to the point where keys are sticking, or it’s just too filthy to stand anymore, but you don’t have to wasteful–it’s quick and easy to clean.

I’ve posted pictures of the step-by-step process so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Total time: 20 minutes

What you’ll need:
– compressed air
– cotton swabs
– rubbing alcohol
– letter opener (or some other device to pop the keys off; a screwdriver may work, though be careful to not to nick or bend the plastic. I used a plastic tool that comes with our iPod battery replacement kit.)

keyboard cleaning!

1. Pop keys off (you may want to be mindful of the keys that have metal grips)
keyboard cleaning!

keyboard cleaning!keyboard cleaning!

2. Use compressed air to blow out crumbs, etc.
keyboard cleaning!

3. Use cotton swabs to clean keys–don’t worry, the rubbing alcohol won’t take the letters off!

4. Pop keys back on. Tip: it’s easier to put the keys with the metal grips back on when before you replace the key above it.
keyboard cleaning!keyboard cleaning!

5. You’re done–easy! Good as new!
keyboard cleaning!


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