Happy Tuesday,

Showing its fangs, Winter arrived this week. Sunday and Monday saw
below-zero temperatures, and it’s barely above zero as I write this
Tuesday morning. It’s been quite a shock to say the least.

As the year comes to an end, I find myself inside more reading for
pleasure. What I read isn’t particularly deep. When I’m not reading
to my children, I’ve been reading “Let Me Tell You a Story,” Red
Aurebach’s autobiography and memoirs. While he spent a lot of time
discussing the Celtics and his time with the franchise, it’s as much
about the relationships he cultivated through his life.

Aurebach and friends, during and after the Celtics years, had a long
standing lunch date. Every Tuesday at 11AM, Government officials,
journalists, school chancellors, and George Washington University
athletic directors would gather to discuss politics, sports, and the
good old days.

Take time or even make time to spend time with your friends, new and
old. Friends and friendship is something that makes us more complete
as people. If Aurebach found and made time to spend with his friends
on a weekly basis amidst his busy schedule, we too can make time for
our friends.

Enjoy this issue, and be in touch.

Jon jon@smalldog.com


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