There are so many great ideas for gifts here at Small Dog Electronics. Each year I select the top ten suggestions, so here are this year’s choices:

1) iPod touch
For the second year in a row, the iPod touch takes top honors. Apple is proclaiming the touch as the “funnest” iPod ever, and I have to agree. With the spectacular success of the iTunes App Store, this palm-top computer is a web browser, email device, gaming platform, personal video machine and oh yeah, an awesome iPod, too!

See all models here.

2) Unibody MacBooks!
After years of plastics in white and other colors, the new MacBooks have grown up with an incredible new look––the innovative unibody aluminum body and glass LED screen, plus, they are the “greenest” laptop ever produced by Apple. The new MacBooks feature a much faster NVIDIA graphics chip and the new multi-gesture glass trackpad. These are awesome innovations and reasons to buy, but the attention to making the MacBook environmentally friendly with the elimination of many harmful toxins, the use of arsenic-free glass, a mercury-free LED display and better energy efficiency make the whole product much more desirable (and much more recyclable!). And did I say it looks awesome?

See them here.

3) The Chill Pill
The response has been tremendous to the introduction of the Chill Pill portable speakers! It is a great compact speaker that you can toss into your bag and use with any iPod, computer or device with a mini-headphone jack. Check out details at or a recent review here. Plus, register for the Wired Magazine giveaway basket (which includes the Chill Pill) here.

View the Chill Pill mobile speakers.

4) AppleCare for Anything
This is a great gift of security and support for any Mac or iPod user. AppleCare extends the one year warranty on Macs to three years and extends the 90-days for free technical support from Apple to 3 years as well. AppleCare for the iPod adds another year (2 total) to your iPod warranty and support, too! In this time of questionable investments, AppleCare is an investment in security that will save you money and give you piece of mind.

View AppleCare here.

5) Purple iPod nano
Forget the other colors; this is a real purple and an incredible gift. The new nanos are the most versatile and coolest iPods, and purple just makes it right. There are a couple of new features that are fun with these new iPod nanos: the first is the “shake” feature. Don’t like the song you are listening to? Just shake the iPod nano and it will shuffle to another song from your library. The other feature that I use all the time now is the Genius feature which will select songs that go with the one you like and make a Genius playlist for you. It truly is like having your own DJ! Oh, okay the other colors work just fine, too.

See the 8GB here.
See the 16GB here.

6) Targus File Share Cable
This USB cable has firmware built-in that allows you to easily transfer files between Macs or even between Macs and PCs. Simply plug the cable into the USB ports and the icon for the connected machine will appear on your desktop. Simply drag and drop files to transfer information!

Check it out!

7) Noah Company Dynavox AccoustaBar Home Theater Speakers
We get a lot of speaker systems sent to us for samples but the Dynavox is head and shoulders above most that we have evaluated. The long AcoustaBar comes with iPod dock and remote and is complete with integrated subwoofer. This would make a great gift for your home theater. Connect your new LCD flat screen TV, Blu-Ray DVD or other audio-video gear to this table-top or wall-mount unit and sit back and enjoy some of the best sounding speakers we have seen! The Dynavox comes in two sizes 340 Watt for $229.99 and the bigger 520 Watt for $279.99.

See the 340W speakers here.
See the 520W speakers here.

8) Aperture 2.0
Do you have a photographer on your list that has outgrown iPhoto? Aperture is the perfect gift! Aperture 2, Apple’s groundbreaking photo editing and management software, delivers more than 100 new features that make it dramatically faster and easier to use and even more powerful. Featuring a streamlined user interface, Aperture 2 provides accelerated performance with its optimized database and
new Quick Preview mode for rapid-fire browsing.

See it here.

9) LaCie Neil Poulton Hard Drives
You have all upgraded to Leopard already, right? Have you taken full advantage of Time Machine? Automate your backups and eliminate the fear of accidentally deleting that favorite photo or song. These new drives from LaCie feature a sleek design, big storage capacity and reasonable pricing starting at only $99.99 for 500GB and up to $179.99 for a full terabyte of storage!

View all LaCie Neil Poulton drives.

10) Small Dog CAR Tune iPod Charger and FM Transmitter
Updated in black, and it will charge all (docking) iPods! This is a great solution to use your iPod in your car. The CAR Tune plugs into your DC (cigarette) outlet in your car and includes a cable with a dock connector that attaches to your iPod. You simply tune to one of the 14 pre-set FM channels and the music from your iPod plays through your car stereo while it is being charged, too!

Check it out here.


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