After reading Ed’s article a couple weeks ago about the “Paste and Match Style” feature, I was reminded of two of my absolute favorite applications that enhanced my copy and paste capabilities and generally just made me an even happier Mac user.

The first application, PTHPasteboard by PTH Consulting, has become such a vital part of my workflow that I honestly have problems using a Mac without it. No, they’re not paying me to say that. It’s a wonderful little application that saves everything copied to a little “pasteboard.” Why is this awesome? Well, have you ever copied something, and then copied something else and then wished that you could go back and paste something that you copied a few strokes ago? Now you can. It’s quite customizable too. I have mine set up to save the contents of my pasteboard even after restart, so if I lose power I don’t lose what I copied. When I want to access my past clippings, I simply press a hot key and select what I want to paste. This seriously rocks my world (obviously it doesn’t take much).

You can download PTHPasteboard here and use their demo of it for free, and then once you fall head over heels in love, it’s just $24.95 for a license.

Secondly, TypeIt4Me by Ettore Software is another gem that has been speeding up my workflow for years now. It allows you to create simple text templates that can be populated when typing a short phrase. For example, my consulting reports are always in a specific format. Instead of having to type out the template each time, or even having to copy and paste it I can simple type “rebcons” and my entire template pops up. Simple, easy, works every time. I love it!

If you want to love it too, you can download the shareware version here and if you decide to keep it around, it costs $27 for a single-user license.

Give them a try and see how speedy you can be! Just be forewarned, you might find yourself overcome with joy at the possibilities of a world beyond the basic copy and paste.


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