• The US will begin withdrawing troops from Iraq with less than 50,000 troops left by Christmas 2009.
  • Troop build-up will continue until the fall when a cross-border attack with Predator drones makes a confirmed kill of Osama bin Laden.
  • Troop strength will be reduced by Christmas with the strengthening of the Afghani government and the cut-off of support for that Taliban.
  • Afghanistan will continue to demand attention and the US will learn what the Russians have learned before, that a hot war in Afghanistan is a morass.
  • A renewed diplomatic effort, led by Hillary Clinton will result in an Isreali/ Palestinian 2-state solution but only after the Israeli army effectively dismantles Hamas.
  • The USA will loosen the embargo on Cuba, allowing travel and free flow of capital. Cuba will become a renewed tourist destination for Americans.

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