We recently took delivery of fifty white first-generation MacBooks. I’ve been refurbishing them myself these past few days, as the technicians in South Burlington and Waitsfield are experiencing some extraordinary volume right now.

They came to us with some stickers identifying their former owners, so that has to be stripped away. I’ve found that denatured alcohol, a Mac mini opening tool, simple green, and paper towels do an extraordinary job at removing the goopy sticker residue.

In the course of testing these units, I verify each and every function, and make sure each unit is one I’d be happy buying or giving a loved one. I test Bluetooth, ethernet, AirPort, FireWire (yes, these have FireWire!), every key, trackpad button feel, hard drive, and USB ports. I then stress each machine for 24 hours by running two instances of my favorite stressing command in terminal: yes > /dev/null. Simultaneously, the MacBooks are set to display examples in the Grapher application located in their utilities folder.

I wasn’t really surprised to find that each of these machines held up incredibly well. They’re from late 2006 and early 2007, 1.83GHz Core Duo MacBooks with 60GB hard drives and 1GB of RAM. They’re a steal at $599.

I’m have great confidence in these units, and am protecting them with a one year Small Dog Electronics warranty. And, they all come with Leopard AND iLife ’08!


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