iPhoto ’08 really has a lot of cool options—and not just for manipulating photos. There are a lot of options when it comes to printing too. The days of just printing a photo (and only that) are over. You can choose fun layouts, multiple photos on a page, shapes, borders and even print things like they’re on a mat board!

Highlight/select the photos you want to print up. Hit File —-> Print

You will see this screen:

(Yes, yes, that gorgeous little beauty is me about 20 years ago!)

On the left, you can choose what kind of border you want to have around the photo. Here, I chose the “Simple Mat” option (so the computer automatically added the tan boarder around the photo I chose). I can just hit Print, frame it, and (depending on the type of paper I used—matte, glossy or standard paper) it can look like I spent a lot of money mounting this picture before I framed it!

At the bottom part of the screen you have the “Paper Size” and “Print Size” options. “Paper Size” lets you choose from different paper layouts like US Legal Size, US Letter, A4, your own custom size, etc. The “Print Size” will let you choose how small or large you want the picture to be. (How about wallet size? Or heck, you could even blow this picture up to poster size if your printer could handle it and put my cute picture on the fridge!)

Last but not least, the customize button under the picture will let you choose from the following:

Themes: Change the type of border like in the main print window.
Background: Change the paper that surrounds your photo (the mat). There are about 20 different options from solid colors to fun patterns like the ones pictured below!

Borders: Choose the type of Mat you want. Standard to large.
Layout: You can choose if you want more than one picture (you can go up to four pictures at a time) or if you want the picture shape to be round, oval, vertical, or horizontal, etc.

Then finally, if you have the picture selected, you can use the “Adjust” button to move the picture around so it fits correctly with the mat/border that you picked. It will also let you change the color, exposure, temperature or reduce the “Noise” of the picture as well, among many other options.

We will be reporting back on the features in iPhoto ’09 soon!

Happy printing!


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