I recently shot and edited a new version of the “Small Dog Movie,” which we produce every couple of years. This time, all the video was recorded in the high definition HDV format, and then imported into the computer as ProRes 422 footage. While this made it easier to add effects and to export the video, it also made the size of video files almost 3x larger than if they were kept in the HDV format (an HDV file would be 250 MB, while ProRes file is 700 MB).

I wanted to keep the entire project on one hard drive, and I needed a drive that was fast (7200RPM with at least 16MB cache), quiet, had FireWire 800, and also had large capacity. In the past I’d had good luck with numerous LaCie D2 drives, and decided to keep it simple and get a 1TB D2 drive for this project.

LaCie has offered D2 drives for several years, but they’ve recently been redesigned to have less a bulky power brick, better cooling capacity, and quieter operation. The classic metal “slab” case now has ridges of cooling fins and a larger blue power button. The drive has FireWire 400, FireWire 800, USB 2.0, and an eSata connection. All cables are included.

The improvements may seem small but in practical use, they are noticeable. The drive is plug-and-play and worked flawlessly. Two of my friends have recently purchased LaCie D2 drives for their own use—one for Time Machine backups, one for storing a digital image library. Looking around online, I see that the redesigned D2 drives receive constantly high marks, including many five-star reviews. It’s a very nice, reliable drive that I don’t hesitate to recommend.


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