We reported some time ago that Microsoft planned to make Windows XP available through June 2008. Later, the company extended that date to July 31, 2009. With the release of Windows 7 approaching, Microsoft announced today that the XP “downgrade” will remain available through April 2010.

Windows XP was first released in October 2001. That same month, Apple released MacOS X 10.1 “Puma,” with enhancements like faster application launching and the ability to resize windows and move the dock. Admittedly, at that time, XP in my opinion had the edge over OS X, but over the years XP has remained at a developmental and feature-set standstill while OS X has evolved into the Leopard we know today.

Over the years Microsoft hyped “Longhorn,” but eventually abandoned the new operating system’s name in favor “Windows Vista.” We all know how that went. Microsoft admits that Windows 7 is little more than a honed version of Windows Vista. I can’t wait to see it.

Meantime, Small Dog will continue to offer Windows XP Pro installations with new computer purchases while supplies last. We will not be able to re-stock the XP products, but do carry each variant of Vista, and will carry the variants of Windows 7 when they become available.


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