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It was a historic day in Vermont on Tuesday as the Vermont Legislature overrode the governor’s veto and became the first state to legalize same sex marriage without a court mandate. I was down at the state house testifying on a different issue (the sales tax holiday for 2009) but had an opportunity to talk to the main sponsors of the legislation and the Speaker of the House. It was a giddy and emotional atmosphere with a lot of joyful crying and hugging. I am so proud to be a Vermonter that I might even forget about the long winters and mud season for a bit.

Speaking of mud season, my road is a disaster with a series of gigantic mud bogs on my 3 miles of dirt (mud) road. Only four wheel drive vehicles can make it and only those with some good ground clearance, at that. We have some warmer weather coming up so that will first make it worse and then as the road thaws out enough to allow drainage, the roads will be passable again. Meanwhile, as I look out my window down the Mad River Valley, I see the fields turning green and buds forming on the Apple tree.

There were new Xserves introduced this week as Apple continues to release products from their development pipeline. I think this spring and summer are going to see some amazing new toys coming from the gang in Cupertino. We have some outstanding buys on iMacs now with a good supply of the recently discontinued models at the best prices ever and some attractive bundles that include printers and AppleCare, too.

I do not normally purchase extended warranties, but AppleCare is different. If I had my druthers and it was not such a price-competitive market, I think all Macs should just come with AppleCare, however it is a competitive market and this added protection and peace of mind is an inexpensive add-on that is a must-have for all Macs. While your new Mac comes with a one-year warranty and 90 days of free Apple tech support, after the first 90 days you will start paying for support. After that first year, anything that breaks on your Mac will cost you more than the AppleCare would have cost you in the first place! AppleCare gives you three years of both. AppleCare is one of the most outstanding bargains from Apple!


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