Happy Apple Christmas!

This is always one of the most exciting weeks of the year for us Apple-fanatics, but it’s particularly exciting that so many products were released during yesterday’s WWDC keynote. Speedy new iPhones, a full upgrade of Apple’s portable line, and the release of a jam-packed exciting new operating system!! I couldn’t be more excited (and my bank account couldn’t be more frightened).

Don and Matt are out on the west coast representing Small Dog and getting the skinny on all the new goodies. Check our blog and Twitter for the latest updates from WWDC.

Aside from the booming upgrades at Apple, we were blessed yesterday with a gorgeous reminder that Spring is in full bloom and Summer is on the way. In my afternoon walk with Toby, we passed a woman playing guitar and singing on a rock in the middle of the Mad River while a father and his son kayaked by. There’s a sense of freedom in the Green Mountains that is invigorating and inspiring. I’m really not sure why anyone would choose to live anywhere else.

So, for everyone glued to their computer screens checking the latest updates from WWDC, let this be just a little reminder to take a break and enjoy this awesome season… and then refresh Digg a few more times. 😉

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