In last week’s edition of Kibbles and Bytes, Kali suggested uninstalling and reinstalling Flash player for Safari to improve its performance. She wrote “I use Safari daily, and have found recently that some Flash video was reallllly dragging.”

I have had similar issues, and followed her advice about uninstalling and re-installing Flash. However, I still found that Flash ads and other widgets on webpages were dragging down Safari’s performance. Fortunately, I recently discovered a simple plugin for Safari called ClicktoFlash. ClickToFlash is a Safari (WebKit) plug-in that prevents automatic loading of Adobe Flash content; instead Flash content is blocked behind a simple grey box.

If you decide you want to see the Flash content, simply Control-click (or right-click) on an unloaded Flash box to access ClickToFlash’s contextual menu, which allows you to add content or even an entire website (such as YouTube or Vimeo) to a permission list.

You need Safari 3 or greater in order to run ClickToFlash. It is reported to be working in Safari 4, but I have not tried this.

You can see the developers page and download the plugin (free) by clicking here. There is a lot of information for hard-core coders on that page; bypass that and look for the link that says “Download ClickToFlash 1.4.2 here”.

ClickToFlash is installed in your User folder in the Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder. To uninstall the plug-in, simply navigate to that bundle and place it in the Trash.


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