Saturday night I was out to a nice dinner with another couple and we were contemplating a bottle of wine. After the normal questions among us about who wants wine and whether we should get white or red, we all admitted we were not experts. The pressure was on. Who was going to step up and take responsibility for actually placing the order? What if I ordered and then none of us liked it?

Knowing that I like a wide range of wines, and the table decided on a Sav Blanc, I passed the buck and said I am fine with any of the 8 or so listed. More awkwardness followed as then we looked at the prices ranging from $27 to $90 per bottle. Nobody wants to just order the $27 bottle and come across as cheap but then again nobody wanted to order the $90 bottle and stick the other couple with a large bill they might have been uncomfortable with. So what did we do?

Well, out came an iPhone. We went to an application called Drync and typed in a few of the wines we were choosing from. What we received was a ton of great information including tasting notes, expert reviews, descriptions and pricing. Our decision was made for us as we proceeded to order a $40 bottle of wine that got better reviews and higher ratings than any of the pricier options!

So I decided I need to tell this story and pass along the information on Drync. Besides all the great information it provides by searching nearly a million wine listings in real time, you can actually snap a photo of the label, add the picture to your own virtual wine celler, add your own tasting notes and and even purchase right from your phone!

There are currently 2 versions. A Free version and a Pro version for $4.99. If you are like me and never have a clue what to order, check out this app and have fun!


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