Dear Friends,

The trees are turning color and we will soon see piles of leaves (Whoa, wait a minute—this is still July!). It sure seems like September here in the Green Mountains with cloudy days, lots of rain and very cool temperatures. My poor vegetable garden is so sun-starved that the plants think it is still June. I’m thinking of planting some more spinach because we just haven’t had more than a couple of days of summer this year.

Rebecca, Joyce and I went to the town development review board this week to present Rebecca’s plan for a dog paddock out in our field. We needed a permit to build this fenced in area for the dogs with an awning for shade. We have a lot of dogs here and when an employee is busy or has to go to a meeting, we felt it would be nice during the summer if there was a safe place where the dogs could hang out and play. We were warmly received at the meeting and it looks good for our permit.

Our team is putting together some amazing Mac-to-School bundles for the coming weeks, but we are featuring the ultimate upgrade bundle right now: the Mac Box Set (iWork ’09, iLife ’09 and Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard) bundled with a 500GB Time Capsule. This ultimate upgrade bundle is only $344.99 with free shipping, too!

If you have not upgraded to Leopard, this is truly the best value on moving up to the most powerful operating system available. You get the latest versions of iWork and iLife, the latest version of Mac OS X (Leopard) and a Time Capsule, which not only is a powerful wireless AirPort access point, but a 500GB wireless back-up device that works with Leopard’s Time Machine automatic back-up utility. You ARE backing up, aren’t you? You cannot fake back-ups and living without a safety net in this digital age is just asking for trouble.

The wildlife seems to be enjoying the cool rainy weather. My blueberries will be ready in a couple of weeks and with the black bears hanging out near my house, I am going to have to work to get to the berries before the birds and bears. My neighbor had a big black bear on her porch a couple days ago, she said it was over 6 feet tall. I saw her cub crossing the road by my house as I was riding my motorcycle down the hill, too.

Foxes are also hanging out near my place. We spotted a fox and some kits right between my house and my neighbor’s house. The other morning the dogs and I were awakened by what sounded a bit like barking in my yard. I never saw what it was but Kerry said it must have been the bear cubs. Sure enough, after she sent me some sound files I recognized the sound as a cub!

Congratulations to Lucie who became an official US citizen last week!


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