After writing my article last week, I received several responses that shed some light on my customer’s sleep issues. While I had solved the issue with an Archive and Install without preserving network and user settings and assumed that I would never find out what was specifically causing the sleep issue, it turns out that several other users have experienced the same problem after upgrading to 10.5.7.

As I mentioned in last week’s article, the issue was that my customer’s machine froze instead of sleeping the second time it was put to sleep. I had initially resolved this with an Archive and Install, but as soon as I ran the system upgrades to 10.5.7 the issue came back. It turns out that the problem is connected to the ethernet port being disabled. If ethernet is not enabled then the system crashes the second time it’s put to sleep. Here is a fix for the problem taken from MacFixIt:

1. Open System Preferences > Network
2-1. If you see your Ethernet port in your list of network ports (on the left-side of the window) and it says “Inactive,” activate the port by clicking the gear wheel icon and selecting “Make Service Active.” Click “Apply.”
2-2. If you do not see your Ethernet port in your list of network ports (on the left-side of the window), click the “+” button in the bottom-left corner.
3. In the “Interface” drop-down menu, select “Ethernet.”
4. Enter a name and select “Create.” You should see your new Ethernet connection appear.
5. Click “Apply.”

Since the issue is a network related issue, my original troubleshooting steps were in line and the issue was resolved by the second Archive and Install that I performed without preserving the network settings. The downside to my method is that it is more time-consuming than the solution from MacFixIt and after an Archive and Install there’s always chance that some third-party software, drivers and plug-ins may need to be reinstalled. Basically, I hit a fly with a sledgehammer. While it worked, it may have been wiser for me to practice my Google-Fu before diving in.

I appreciate the responses to last week’s article and always enjoy finding simpler solutions to a problem. Hopefully this will also help some folks out there who may be experiencing the same issue!


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