Dear Friends,

It’s Kali, writing for Don this week while he and Grace are cavorting down South on their latest motorcycle journey. It’s been an exciting week due to the surprise upgrades to Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio and Logic Express.

Ed has covered the upgrades to Final Cut Studio 3, Logic Studio and Logic Express 9 in-depth below, and he’s a great one to write about them because he’s our resident video specialist and has extensive experience with the software.

To see what Final Cut 3 is capable of, view it in action here.

We’re offering an instant $100 rebate on Final Cut 3, along with some other goodies, as well as an instant $25 rebate on the Final Cut Studio 3 Upgrade—all with free shipping. (Scroll down for more.) Other big news? Apple has also once again returned huge numbers in their Q3 earnings announcement.

We also have been hard at work tweaking our mail server so that we can be sure that Kibbles & Bytes is delivered to you in a timely fashion (and just once)! We apologize to those of you who have gotten duplicates in the past week. If you have any further issues with delivery, please direct your emails to the “Contact Us” link in the footer of this newsletter.

If you would like to read past copies of Kibbles & Bytes, click below to view our archives:
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Read on for all of the exciting product updates and more!


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