The past few months here at Small Dog we started carrying Flip Video Cameras. These small, lightweight and power cameras can record in HD and are as easy to use as… well… your Mac.

Here’s a cool modification you can make for your Flip Camera to create a wide-angle effect without having to buy an expensive lens. All you need is your Flip Camera, a Security Door Peep Hole ($10-20 at Home Depot or Lowes), a plastic film canister, a few rubber bands and a power drill with drill bit.

First, drill a hole in the plastic film canister to allow the security door peep hole to fit inside. You then attach the plastic canister with the Door viewer to the Flip camera with two rubber bands. This allows you to quickly put the wide-angle lens on or off without damaging the Flip camera.

This how to project is posted on and you can read the full article here.

Have fun building this extra accessory for your Flip Camera!

Don’t have a Flip? Grab one here!


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